Sadie Jane AKC #SR88563901 (07/15) AKC DNA#V826164


GCH CH Just Spike JH

SR65687805(09/12) OFA 24G OFEL24 AKC DNA#V637127


CH Zeeva JH

SR52782804(08/11) OFA24G OFEL24 AKC DNA#V637127

Sadie Jane is an extremely intelligent and obedient Hungarian Vizsla.  She is a fast learner and very charismatic.  She is extremely loving and affectionate, as well.  She comes from champion field and show blood lines.  She has passed OFA hips with a rank of good OFA#  VZ-15062G24F-VPI.  

CK Stella Raye AKC# SS00200802 (06/17)


CK Rebel Rouser ET's Born Again SR64305803(03/13) OFA25E AKC DNA# V617067


CK Guy's Lady Luck SR78707902(03/16) OFA24E

Stella is another welcome edition to our family. She is a hunter through and through.  We call her our little wildling!!  She is also extremely intelligent, but she has a wild streak in her that keeps us on our toes!!  We are looking forward to starting her field training in the spring.  She shows all the signs of excelling in the field, and still loves to be with the family when we're relaxing in the house.

Baylee Rose AKC# SS04386802 (03/18)


Sadie Jane AKC #SR88563901 (07/15) AKC DNA#V826164


Seger AKC SR73472902 

Baylee Rose is the pup out of Sadie Jane and Seger.  We absolutely love the features out of that litter.   Baylee has the beautiful dark rust color just like her mother.   She is still just a pup and quite mischievous.   Still, she is eager to learn and another welcome addition to our Vizsla family.   We couldn't be happier with her and look forward to watching her grow and learn life as a Vizsla in our home.