Litter expected Spring 2020 out of Sadie Jane.

Accepting Deposits Now

Please contact us via phone or email  .  Deposits will hold your place in line.  Make sure to call and answer our questionnaire before placing a deposit or your deposit will be refunded.  Place a deposit early to assure you get your puppy. 


Winter 2018 Litter. Puppies Whelped 12/22/18

Sadie had a litter of 4.  All 4 puppies are female and  are already spoken for.  They are all healthy and doing well.  If you are interested in a future litter please feel free to contact us. 

Seger AKC SR73472902 x Sadie Jane AKC SR88563901

Puppies whelped 3/12/2018

Vizsla puppies

Deposits have been received for all puppies from this litter.  

Puppy Take Home Pack


  • When you pick up your vizsla puppies for sale you will receive a large notebook full of information from dog breeders. You will get the AKC registration paperwork and a shot record.  We can provide you with training tips and information about the local Vizsla Clubs in our area if interested in field, hunt, or show trials.  We feed our pups Fromm puppy chow and recommend that you maintain this diet for at least a few weeks so that you dont upset their stomachs.  This is also done so the transition from our home to your's is easier on them.  Food can be gradually changed if one desires. 

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Sadie Jane AKC SR88563901 Vizsla Puppy Ultrasound Day 29

We are so excited to be able to share this video with you.  The ultrasound was performed by Nick at Pewaukee Veterinary Service.  All puppies look healthy, no exact count but he thinks at least 6, maybe more.   Feel free to contact us anytime to place a deposit for a puppy.  

Spring litter out of SadiexSeger

Puppies eating pate