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Victorious Vizslas is owned by Brian, Shannyn, and Brenden.  We fell in love with the Vizsla breed a few years back when first introduced to a friends Vizsla.  We are located in Racine, WI.  It is our goal to provide quality purebred dogs that excel in the field, show, and home.  

The Vizsla (The Velcro Dog)

We absolutely love this breed.  They excel at almost everything you would ask them to do.  Whether you are planning on hunting, showing, or just need a family pet the Vizsla is the dog for you. They are extremely intelligent and obedient.  They are affectionately called the Velcro dog and will be a life long friend to you and your family.  They are also very clean dogs, without any of the smell you would normally associate with a dog.  Their hair is very fine and they don't shed much at all.  Grooming is a breeze, with very little maintenance.


We guarantee at Victorious Vizslas, that our dogs have passed OFA hip with a score of no less than good. They are also DNA tested by the AKC for verification of bloodlines.  We pay close attention to bloodlines to assure that we are doing our best to provide healthy dogs.

All puppies are guaranteed to have wellness checks done, be current on shots, and wormed by a licensed veterinarian.   We strive to provide dogs that are free of any genetic defects.  Should you ever have a genetic problem with one of our dogs in the future please contact us and we will work with you by replacing the dog with another pup or refunding the original purchase price.  


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 We love our customers, so feel free to call during normal business hours.  Once a deposit is received and the pups are at least 4 weeks of age we highly encourage you to come play with your new puppy.  We can set up an appointment when convenient.

Victorious Vizslas

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